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Chair jug and lemon. 80×67. Oil on panel. 2020

Sew things and bowl. 29x30cm. 2021. Oil on panel

Sewing booklet no. 2. 53x53cm. 2021. Oil on panel

Still life with bowl and sew things. Oil on panel. 54x52cm. 2021

Still life with jar and plate. 60.5×64.5cm. 2022

Still life with round table. 67x66cm. 2017. Oil on panel

Still life with vase and macarons. 475x51cm. 2023. Oil on panel

Stilleven met Zeepapagaai. 455×435 cm. 2020. Oil on panel

Table bowl and green box. 62x38cm. 2022

interior. 58x175cm. 2021. Oil on panel

books and yellow bowl. 505x515cm. 2020

Marbaek. Oil on panel. 67×79 cm. 2019

Jug and sewing thread. 39x38cm. 2020. Oil on panel

Sewing box. oil on panel 21x30cm. 2021

Painter in studio. 395x35cm. 2020. Oil on panel

Still life with hands bottle and egg. 2023. 46x47cm. oil on panel

still life with bowl biscuit and knife. 45×49. oil on panel. 2021

Atelier 1, 40×40, 2016 Oil on panel,

Atelier 2, 44×34, 2016 Oil on panel

Stillife with chair, 83×53, Oil on panel, 2017

Book reader. 2014. Oil on panel. 41,5 x 67,5 cm

Amsterdam. 2009. Oil on canvas on panel. 47 x 48 cm

Pears. 2006. Oil on panel.

Weyth. Oil on panel.

Still life with white pitcher. 1998. Oil on panel. 63,5 x 80,5 cm

Chestnuts. 2004. Oil on panel.

Egg. Oil on panel.

Shell. Oil on panel.

Spoon. Oil on panel.

Shells. 2006. Oil on panel

Copenhagen. 2007. Oil on panel.

Hen. 2013. Oil on panel. 52 x 58 cm

Fruits, 2006. Oil on panel.

Man with book. 2013 Oil on panel. 44 x 41 cm